February 26-28, 2018

Boston, USA

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Ensure the Precise Application of CRISPR Achieves Basic Research, Synthetic Biology & Therapeutic Potential

Optimize your CRISPR Design to Efficiently Power Novel Applications in Drug Discovery, Screening and Therapeutic Development

With continued uptake and adoption, CRISPR has become the established gold standard genome editing tool, pushing the boundaries of precision genetic engineering for numerous applications. As such, the 4th Precision CRISPR Congress Boston will unite large pharma, biotech, academia and technology providers to optimize the adoption of CRISPR technology and pioneer further advances within drug discovery, biomedical research and clinical effective therapeutic development.

With the first CRISPR-based gene therapy finally taking its place in the clinical trial spotlight, and the next generation currently progressing through preclinical validation, discover the latest case studies from key opinion leaders to equip your R&D for success. Join the fastest growing and largest community specifically dedicated to extracting maximum value and potential from the greatest biotechnological breakthrough in a generation.

“Speakers all gave excellent presentations – perfect balance of both academic and industry/sponsor viewpoints on leveraging CRISPR technology. I enjoyed the format and structured networking sessions were well thought out. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with experts in this emerging field.” – Attendee at last year’s Precision CRISPR Congress