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About Event


Designed with CRISPR experts from AstraZeneca, AbbVie, Broad Institute, Casebia, Merck, Amgen and academics worldwide, this years 5th Precision CRISPR Genome Editing Congress encapsulates the critical scientific challenges and opportunities of CRISPR applications with regards to delivery, safety, precision, and efficiency to further optimize the relevant areas of drug discovery, functional screening & CRISPR-based cell & gene therapy.

  • Learn about how CRISPR is working in a clinical setting and unique approaches to gene therapy
  • Discover advances in disease modeling and strategies improving validation of human biology
  • Understand how we are harnessing novel CRISPR systems and the resulting expansion of the molecular toolbox
  • Explore how base editing is set to be the best technique for precision genome editing and the consequent applications in both basic biology and genetic diseases
  • Discover the wealth of CRISPR screening techniques available and how to implement them into your own drug discovery pipeline
  • Participate in forward-thinking debates and discussions crucial to advancing the infinite possibilities of CRISPR

With 100+ thought-leaders converging, this will surely be an unrivaled opportunity for you to gain the latest scientific insights into the ever-evolving CRISPR landscape and grow your collaborator network.

– Attendee at last year’s Precision CRISPR Congress