Pre-Conference Workshops
Tuesday, May 21


From CRISPR Basics to the Practical Aspects of Designing and Developing Gene Edited Animals and Cell Lines
10:00 – 13:00

Designing and developing cell lines using CRISPR method, although is a very popular method, it can be challenging for beginners as well as for experienced researchers when handling some difficult cell lines, particularly primary cells. This session aims to provide basics of CRISPR gene editing to create cell lines and provide practical insights and consideration to optimize editing in commonly-used and difficult-to-handle cell lines.

• Basics and practical considerations of designing CRISPR experiments for creating knockout/knock-in animals and cell lines
• Available tools for CRISPR KO/KI experiments
• Single cell cloning techniques and confirmation of clones

This workshop aims to help enhance editing in cell lines that are demanding to manipulate and will involve informative advice on best practices complemented by group discussions.

Workshop Leader

Guru Channaabasavaiah

Guru Channabasavaiah
Associate Professor-Genetics, Director- Mouse Genome Engineering Core Facility
University of Nebraska Medical Center


How to Design and Implement a CRISPR Library for Internal Use
14:00 – 17:00

CRISPR libraries are becoming increasingly critical to help improve the efficiency of your processes, be it drug discovery, disease modelling, or target identification. There are many different approaches for designing a library and this workshop helps you evaluate which library will suit your processes best.

• Defining your exact library needs to build an effective and tailored roadmap towards implementation
• Comparative analysis on the types of libraries available to identify which one best matches your needs

• Development of easy, time- and cost-effective methods enabling large-scale screening approaches
• What should a useful computational pipeline deliver?

This workshop provides you with a 360° view on all the techniques and technologies currently being used to get the most out of CRISPR libraries. The aim is to leave this session with the information you need to ensure you can go back to the lab and set up the most up to date, efficient, accurate and reliable CRISPR library that complements and helps drive your current research to success.

Workshop Leader

Ultan McDermott

Ultan McDermott
MB PhD Chief Scientist and Former Group Leader, Wellcome Sanger Institute
AstraZeneca, Honorary Faculty